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"Best Free Blu-ray Player"

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I have tried many media players from VLC to Windows Media Player with K-Lite Mega Codec and everything in between. DAPlayer is one of the few freebies that looks good and is loaded with features. Other freeware counterparts you can tell are free because they look cheap like VLC.

If you're looking for cons in DAPlayer then you are pretty much nitpicking. Some may not like the dark theme but it looks better than VLC no matter how you want to look at it.

Overall this is a must have for Blu-ray owners. It looks better than VLC with a ton of codecs built it. On top of that DAPlayer also allows you to manually look up subtitle files (srt) for Blu-ray videos (mvk) if it doesn't automatically detect it. Windows Media Player in essence fails at this.

  • Beautiful GUI
  • Great Blu-ray Player With A Ton Of Built In Codecs
  • True Fullscreen Mode
  • Manual Lookup For Subtitle Files
  • Free
  • None

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31 Oct 2011

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